Monday, August 16, 2010


I am still mourning the loss of my beloved The ability to listen to anything once for free is key to my musical growth and happiness. I finally took a minute to search for a replacement. It looks like for $5 a month, Napster will provide a similar service. I don't know if they will have some of the more obscure offerings (neither did lala), but I should be able to stay in touch with what's new and give a listen to whatever people are talking about (new or old).

I joined and I hope Annie don't kill me for adding another bill, but it is, after all, a need...... and I could be addicted to a lot of worse things.

I started off with a new John Prine EP, and I'm now giving a listen to "Aw C'mon" by Lambchop....... screech!!!!!!!!!!! Oh no! While writing this, I hit a problem already..... the Lambchop is just playing 10 second clips... not acceptable. I don't have time to look into this right now, but really!? WTF?!!

Hopefully, this is not common and I have entered a new happy relationship that be lasting and giving for years to come. We will see.

note: i signed out and back in and everything seems to be in tact. it now recognizes me as a paying member and is playing lambchop in its entirety!!!!

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