Friday, April 16, 2010

Do yourself a favor

If you ever stream music from the internet then do yourself this favor. Sign up for access to It is free and easy. Once you sign up, you can listen to nearly any album. You can listen once to anything and if you try to play it again, you only get a 10 second sample but if you wait awhile (I don't really know how long) you can listen to it again.

It is great for checking out new stuff that there is a buzz about, a friend is listening to, pops up on your favorite music blog or whatever. It has also been great for me to go back to listen to stuff I have had in the past... maybe on cassette or vinyl. You can check out albums that are on everybody's 'best ever' lists even if you are skeptical with no commitment. Lately, I have used it as another source for streaming Grateful Dead shows.

I will be linking a lot of stuff I mention here to lala. I might occasionally try to post mp3s and may go back to trying imeem playlists. I did that a couple of times on squirrel brains and found it to be almost fun enough to warrant the time commitment. We'll see.

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