Friday, April 16, 2010

The A Willett Files - Part 1

I met a kind soul through work who has bestowed upon me a fraction (1/3 or so) of his incredibly extensive collection of Grateful Dead bootlegs along with a handful of other classic live bootlegs... all-in-all 302 G. Yes, you read that correctly. He gave me 300 gigs of Dead bootlegs.

It is so big because it is FLAC files which are not only big (of highest lossless quality), but also are hard for me to play. I have had this in my possession since last June. According to my know-how, it is not exactly easy to make this happen. To listen (preferably on my ipod), I will need to transfer these files to mp3s and store them somewhere. Until very recently, I have not had the amount of storage needed to store the mp3s once they are duplicated and still be able to keep the FLACs. Now, I do and I must begin the begin.

Also in this collection is a handful of WAV files that will also need to be changed to mp3s to put on my IPod. Of the WAVs is a Bob Marley and the Wailers show from the Record Plant in Sausalito, CA 10.31.73 along with the note "possibly the best reggae set ever"... and it is. I will start with it.

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