Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Evolution: Sock Hop

I don't remember exactly how it happened but when I was about 11 I became fascinated with the 1950's and my parent's school days. They pulled a huge stack of 45's out of the attic and I dug through them and I dug them.

I don't remember what all was in that stack but I think my favorites were Tequila, Purple People Eater and (My Baby Does) the Hanky Panky. Really, Hanky Panky is pretty punk rock for that era. I got pretty fired up about The Four Seasons feat. Frankie Valli and anything by the Coasters. I mean, Yakety Yak, Poison Ivy and Love Potion # 9 ruled my brain.

It became clear that those records weren't going to satisfy my thirst. A year or so into this obsession, my Dad recognized that I need to dive in. He had a friend at work who had purchased a huge collection from Time Life????? of music of this era. There were different years represented and some focus on things like Doo Wop and Elvis. His friend made tapes and he brought one or two home every week or so. The biggies that I remember were;

Chuck Berry
Buddy Holly
Little Richard
Jerry Lee Lewis
Everly Brothers
Fats Domino

I liked it all, including the cheese;
Rockin' Robin, At the Hop, Peggy Sue, Be-Bop a Lula, Tutti Fruity, Book of Love, Duke of Earl, You Send Me, ..........
I loved Sea of Love and I loved loved Runaway by Del Shannon. That song got me pumped.

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