Monday, December 6, 2010

Dave and Gil ....

.... kinda piss me off with their social ease and on-stage humor. It used to amuse me and endear them to me. I thought it personalized their music…… eh…… naw. What would endear them to me and personalize their music to me is if they were to get serious about making another album. Sure, people are free to do what they want…. to squander gifts (I’m not one to complain), to justify, to procrastinate life (Lord knows), but ….. I mean, Gillian Welch spent about 6 or 8 years putting herself on the map as one of America’s great songwriters…. incredible voice, soul and skill….. they're a great team….. perfect performances. But now it’s really gotten old. Why make appearances? I mean, how do you walk out on stage all of 40-45 yrs old and play the same shit you’ve been playing for the last 5-10 years?.... and then joke and fumble through your tunings and instrument changes, like your nervous to bear your soul? I don’t get it. The last time I saw them was a more polished version of the last 5 times I’ve seen them….. and it sucked. It sounded good, it reached out to me at times, but really it just made me sad for them.

I think it's time for Dave to put her in a room and lean an antique instrument against the door until she produces enough material for the next one.

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